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What's new
Release : 2008.4.10
Releasing Aron Kasei's fire retardant elastomers, "AR NF Elastomers"

We have developed the fire retardant "NF" as a high feature grade of styrene thermoplastic elastomer "AR Elastomers" and have begun market development.

Fire retardancy of thermoplastic elastomers has been conventionally requested by consumers. However, it has remained at the HB rank of the UL Standard in soft domain because of halogen-free fire retardants, and lowered functionality caused by added fire retardants and the combustibility of elastomers themselves.
We have successfully developed elastomers that don't use halogen fire retardants and have excellent rubber elasticity at a V-O rank designated by UL Standards while being as thin as 1.5 mm in thickness and lined up 80 products with hardness A.
We are conducting market development mainly for electronic parts and light electrical parts, considering future expansion to the building materials field. We are currently developing low hardness products and plan to put them on the market by the end of this year.
The high functionality grade of "AR Elastomers" provides the development grade for transparent films, improvement of resin quality, vibration suppression, electroconductivity, prevention of static charges, gas barriers, non-oils, and adhesive discs.
For the sales of these high functionality grades, a sales increase of 3,000,000,000 yen is expected by 2013 by strengthened sales systems, catalog renewals, and active promotions of market development.
In addition, with the expectation of the sales increase of the high functionality grade, we plan to add the newest manufacturing line in 2008 and start adding manufacturing facilities step by step while checking the sales status to double the current production capability by 2013.

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