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AR Elastomers Heat Dissipation Grade "AR-CH-M0145"

We have been making an effort in elastomer development for electrical materials and have now successfully developed a heat dissipation grade "AR-CH-M0145" for efficiently dissipating heat generated from substrates and light emitters with collaboration by Osaka National Research Institute, an independent local administrative corporation.
This heat dissipation grade doesn't include a cross-linking process like silicon rubber and silicon gel, which is currently in the mainstream, and allows a shorter molding cycle time and cost reduction.
In addition, it avoids the problem of low molecular siloxane with silicon-type heat dissipation materials and has a dielectric breakdown voltage as high as that of silicon rubbers, which provides thinner and lighter products.
Furthermore, it has excellent heat conductivity while having high insulation properties, which allows reduced occurrences of thermal contact resistance. It is a recyclable heat dissipation material for which a general-purpose thermoplastic molding machine can be used.


  1. Siloxane-free
  2. Insulation properties guaranteed to be at least 1015
  3. thermal conductivity (laser flash method) of at least 1 W/mk
  4. Reduction of heat contact resistance
  5. Nonuse of halogen additives
  6. Molding possible with a general-purpose thermoplastic molding machine (two-color molding is also possible)
  7. Excellent heat resistance and moisture resistance (pressure cooker testing)
  8. Recyclable
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